Insurance planning is an essential part of an effective financial plan that includes assessing risks and selecting the best insurance products to mitigate those risks. Insurance can help alleviate financial burdens that often occur when unexpected circumstances arise, safeguarding your home, income, and other assets. Health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance can help protect your family in the event of an unforeseen death, medical event, or injury.


Comprehensive planning helps you identify and plan for risks that may impact your financial life. While financial planning focuses on accumulating wealth, insurance focuses on risk management strategies to preserve it. Methods can include affordable solutions to address several events, including the death of a family member or long-term care due to a health issue.


Comprehensive Review: We’ll review existing plans, if you have them, to ensure they continue to fit your needs. But if you don’t have an insurance plan, we’re here to advise and guide you on which plans make best sense for you and your family.

Home, Car and other asset insurance: It is our belief that you shouldn’t over-insure, but you should never
un-insure or under-insure either. The type (and value) of your home, car and other assets will determine what insurance, and how much of it, you should buy.

Death-event security: If you have people that depend upon you being around for many years to come, like your spouse/partner, minor children, aged parents, we’ll advise on what life insurance policies best meet your needs.

Retirement income through annuities: Sometimes, the best way to guarantee retirement income is the simplest – Fixed Annuities. Of course, these products have limitations, restrictions, and vary in terms and pay-out options and conditions, and are better suited for long-term investing.

Critical illness protection: You may be in the best of health now, but illness has a way of sneaking up on the fittest amongst us. Let us help you determine if you need to insure against a critical illness and, if so, under what terms.

Disability and long-term care protection: Accidents, at home, at work, during your commute, can leave you severely disabled and financially stressed. As can debilitating illness! We’ll help you insure against such unexpected turn of events.

Health, dental and wellness insurance: With family and personal medical care becoming more expensive by the day, it may be prudent to cover yourself and your family through appropriate health insurance plans.

Funding children’s education: Even though your children are of tender age, sometimes insuring their lives may make good sense in the long-term, especially in helping to pay for college or university. Paying just a few hundred dollars a month in premiums now, could result in a windfall payment by the time your child is of college or university-going age. We’ll help you decide if this is a good option for you by doing the math!

Insuring estate and succession plans: When structured correctly, insurance can be a great estate planning tool as well, especially when it comes to shielding your beneficiaries from paying taxes or fees on their inheritance. Partners in business may also use insurance policies as a great financial tool to aid in succession planning. We’ll help you structure an insurance plan that makes sense for your needs.